George Zimmerman Painting: Confederate Flag in Andy Hallinan's Honor

George Zimmerman Painting: Confederate Flag in Andy Hallinan's Honor

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Buy a Print Today and You're Entered to Win George's Original Confederate Flag Painting (Which could be worth up to $100,000!)


George Zimmerman is teaming up with Florida Gun Supply to offer signed and numbered prints of his Confederate Flag painting. This painting was painted in honor of Andy Hallinan for being a true patriot and leading the country into a better, safer America. Zimmerman's last painting sold on Ebay for over $100,000.

Zimmerman's Confederate Flag FAQs:

All art has a story to tell. What's George's story?

George started painting an American Flag on this canvas, but heard about Andy getting sued by CAIR (the Counsel for American/Islamic Relations) while he was working on the painting. George decided to scrap the original American Flag painting and repaint it with a Confederate (Battle) Flag.

​George painted the confederate flag backed by the American flag because he believed that anything can stand with the American flag behind it. George's confederate flag painting also represents the hypocrisy of political correctness that is plaguing this nation. Politicians across the nation have demanded it's removal; however, not one leader including, but not limited to Barack Hussein Obama demanded the posters displaying a $10,000 bounty on my head, "dead or alive," to be removed.​

What a story!

On the back of the original canvas, you can still see an outline of the American Flag.

Isn't the Confederate Flag racist?

No way! 

The Confederate Flag HAS been used by a small amount of people to incite racism, however, it has not become a symbol of racism. You cannot assume everyone who flies a Confederate Flag is racist in the same way that you cannot judge every Muslim to be a terrorist, or every gun owner to be a serial killer.

The media is calling you racist. Why are they calling you racist if you're not?

Watch the entire video above, from start to finish. The media isn't interested in spreading the TRUTH about topics. The REAL reason George and Andy have teamed up to sell the Confederate Flag is much less important to the media than continuing to make a villain out of both George and Andy.

4 days after George was found not guilty of murder, he helped pull a family out of an overturned SUV that was on fire. The media didn't bother to report on that because it wouldn't make him look like the evil man they paint him as.

Andy recently paid for and planned the entire funeral for a family involved in a road rage murder. The media didn't bother to report on that because it doesn't make Andy look like a villain either.

The media will ONLY share the point of view that makes them sell more papers. That's all they're interested in.

How big is the print?

The print is 24"x18", which is the exact same size as the original.

How long will it take to receive my print?

Please allow between 4-6 weeks to receive your print. Each one is numbered and signed by George Zimmerman - which takes a bit of time.

How will you choose the winner of the original print?

Florida Gun Supply has been giving guns away via giveaways for 4 years. We've gotten pretty great atit. We'll take an export of all the customers who have purchased a print and then generate a nuber from This is a fool proof way to ensure that the winner is chosen fairly. 

What will you use the money for?

George and Andy will be splitting the proceeds - and it will go to support their legal funds, living expenses, and advancing their mission to change the country. A percentage of the proceeds will also go directly to a charity of our choosing. We said in the video we would give a portion of the proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club, but they then told me they didn't want me to use their name in my video. We were just trying to support them!