8 thoughts on “Why did the cops show up to Florida Gun Supply today?

  1. Sounds like a waste of our tax dollars. Keep up the good work Andy. Look forward to meeting you someday.

  2. This is the most annoying video I have ever seen. Get to the point. I could never sit through your classes. You waste way too much of our time interrupting yourself and going off into other subjects. Perhaps if you drink less coffee you could be more on the point and get more viewers. Story was good, but you took way too long to tell it.

  3. Thanks Andy for such a great deal on my new Glock I will definitely be a return customer and really enjoyed the down-home atmosphere when we come into your shop at Florida Gun Supply

  4. Hey, If the lawn mower is too loud for them I can bring some of my sheep by and they’ll much it down proper! I’m sure they’ll have a problem with sheep too but mine are both black and white so it will be harder for them 😉

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