8 thoughts on “I’m Bored: So here’s the outrageous deals!

  1. Thats pretty cool how you offer some great deals for an hour at a time, should more shop owners like you. Thank you

  2. OMG I’ve always wanted one of these but unfortunately I’ve got all my spare cash tied up in my trip to see my son. You guys are the best Andy!

  3. Hey Andy, you rock. I’m so impressed with your efforts on behalf of gun owners, potential gun owners and those who believe and support the 2nd Amendment. Keep on keeping on and if you are ever in Oregon, be sure to let me know because we would be glad to meet you.

  4. Beautiful firearm. I keep watching to see what you are gonna post next and I am hoping it is going to be the S&W 500 8″. I have never shot one but it is something I have an irrational need to own. Keep up the great work.

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