Our online gun store, Florida Gun Supply, is dedicated to providing great prices, selection, and customer service on guns, ammunition, and accessories.

We'll be very upfront with you. We are simply the best online gun shop on the internet. Why?

Why We're the Best Online Gun Store on the Internet

Our morals are simple.

1. We will always treat the customer with patience, respect, and dignity.

2. We will always be helpful and give the best gun advice we can.

3. No hold times on the phone. Call our online gun shop anytime from Monday - Friday from 10AM - 6PM.

4. We never take back orders - which means you'll never wonder where your gun is.

5. Our online gun store is super easy to use, and we don't blast you with annoying advertisements and upsells while you're browsing our website.

6. Your credit card information is safe. Every online gun store transaction that goes through our website is encrypted and so you are safe to trust us.

Does Your Online Gun Store Specialize in Any Particular Firearms?

We sell any non-class-3 items we can get ahold of. If you don't see a gun you want on the website, give us a call - we can let you know our price and how to order it.

We currently are taking many special orders for hunting rifles, Glock pistols(always a favorite), hunting as well as self defense or home defense shotguns, and recently we had a request for a quote on a Barrett .50BMG.

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Our Online Gun Store Publishes Great Videos Too!

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all our upcoming videos!

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How Do I Get in Touch With Florida Gun Supply?

Here at our online gun store, we want to help in any way that we can so feel free to give us a call, (352)270-3087, with any questions about firearms we have in stock or any that you may be looking for.

We're here to get customers the products they need, and in many cases...want, as well as offering great customer service to go along with our Firearms Sales, Free Concealed Carry Classes, and free Shooting Range (The range is not located at Florida Gun Supply, but on my personal property).

We are open Monday - Saturday from 10AM - 6PM.